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Quality blogger outreach can strengthen your backlink portfolio in the most white-hat manner possible, making those links both sustainable and evergreen, whatever the new Google algorithm update holds.
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What Is Blogger Outreach in SEO?

Blogger Outreach SEO technique is a set of activities to secure online mentions of your business by reaching out to relevant industry authorities, journalists, and opinion leaders by sending personalized email pitches. The target platforms for link placement in this method are predominantly websites and personal blogs, but they can also include social media channels, as in the case of influencer marketing.

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Blogger Outreach Agency: Just Reap the Benefits

If you've created a spaceship that will take tourists to Mars in one day and back for $50, you don't have to stress about getting the blogosphere to talk about your business. Not the case with your company? Then roll up your sleeves and be prepared for long hours of routine work searching for contacts, drafting pitches, personalizing emails, and watching hundreds of unsubscribes.
You must have a strong mindset to do this job. You should be prepared to play the long game. You'll have to constantly refine text, A/B test subject lines, and relentlessly dig for personalization facts that will help melt the ice in your communication with your addressee.
However, getting people interested in your business is not only a feasible task, but also a highly rewarding link-building strategy, especially when blogger outreach specialists do it.

Our clients enjoy these numerous benefits of molding long-lasting rapports with voices of authority in their respective industries

New Users

Starting with the most coveted outcome that has the biggest impact on the final result, acquiring new users is the ultimate goal of many marketers.

Customer acquisition cost [CAC] in some industries reaches hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Engaging a well-established blogger audience gives you a chance to complete several stages of the user conversion journey — from brand awareness to purchase, as you can leverage the reputation of a media person.

New Users


Domain rankings are part of multiple Google algorithms — they affect major KPIs in paid and organic search results.

The logic is simple: the more links lead to your website, the more trustworthy, safe, and authoritative it is for users.

That's why guest posts and blogger outreach are considered some of the most effective ways to increase domain authority.

Site owners with 30+DR get higher CTR, lower CPC, and higher interaction ratios.

Higher DR


It works in general industries like entertainment, entrepreneurship, and politics, but it also works in narrow niches like handmade gifts from feathers — but for different reasons.

Your content can go viral when a lifestyle blogger with millions of followers mentions it, so you have a wide BOFU base to resonate with.

On the other hand, small niches have highly revered opinion leaders with a community of highly engaged and devoted followers with unconditional credit of trust.

Snowball Effect


Online presence and online reputation go hand in hand. It’s good to be present online, but it’s blah when mentions are negative.

Any ambitious brand appreciates how blogger outreach tools allow seeding positive brand mentions on the first page of Google.

This proactive approach to SERM makes it difficult for negative mentions to get to the first page of Google, outranking highly authoritative positive mentions.

To crown it all, positive media mentions win the trust of a potential client during the interest stage.

Positive Image

Why SEO Pros Trust Outreach Campaigns to Outreach.Guru

SEO nation knows how things can go wrong and become complicated quickly with one wrong move in link building. We have all been there. Banned, shadowed, downranked, thrown to a digital jail with no right of parole.

The Outreach.Guru team has been walking up this steep path for over a decade.

We feel you. And we won't let you down. This is how:

We will visit every conference online and offline to learn every f*ckup at our colleagues' expense, not yours. We will read every fine print update of Google algorithm — so your domain ranking can benefit first.
Unfortunately, we don’t come from marketing or PR [both of which do have site optimization functionality]. Fortunately, we come from this very narrow specific subcategory of digital marketing, which is Search Engine Optimization. It's our roots, trunk, leaves, fruits, and flowers too.
As an Eastern-European country, Ukraine has speedy cheap internet and limited opportunities inside the country, which has given rise to many digitally-savvy professionals. Thirsty for knowledge, and laser-focused on our goals, we persevere till the mission success. Yes, we can afford competitive pricing too.
Our team uses the world's leading tools to measure every metric that impacts your ranking & domain authority: Ahrefs, GA, Moz, Majestic, and Ubersuggest. We speak fluent English. We hire native speakers. We offer backlinks from US sites. Our folio features a good dozen of solid cases in the EU and US.
Don't get us wrong. We mean by-the-book slow. We follow the white-hat optimization techniques for gradual but sustainable growth. We learned not to rush 3 steps forward to be thrown 5 steps back. We partner with clients with similar ethics, and educate our clients to share these ethics—or we don't partner at all.

Blogger Outreach Services Agency. That. Delivers.

Outreach.Guru prides itself on having a healthy client mix that reflects a high standing we enjoy with SEO industry aficionados, as well as the tailored customer services we cater directly to SMB and digital entrepreneurs.

If you take care of one company or help many grow their digital weight if you are a business owner or a PR agent, discuss your outreach ambition with our team, and we'll find just the right arsenal of tools to nail the mission.

Business Owners

Small local businesses have it easy to see the ROI of their link-building activities. Local SEO combined with a good outreach campaign can help establish steady foot traffic.

Digital businesses in crypto, investment, affiliate marketing, banking, consulting, and education have a solid potential to increase the number of new users or subscribers overnight due to successful cooperation with the right blogger.

SEO Agencies

The lion's share of our customers make their living full-time by helping other people grow their business's digital presence. And we appreciate the trust.

They know they get the attention to detail, technical expertise, and heaps of experience from the Outreach.Guru team, which, when combined, produces stellar results time after time, client after client, campaign after campaign.


With digital marketers, our experts often act as coaches and mentors. We build campaigns and provide all of the tools and checklists so that they have all the expertise if there's the in-house capacity to overtake the function at some point. Quite honestly? They hardly ever switch to in-house, as the results speak for themselves, and there's so much creative job to be done in marketing.

Blogger Outreach Strategy Blueprint

When building the best strategy on how to select the people with extensive media following to seed your online mentions, our SEO experts take into account a myriad of factors.

We vivisect your competitor linking profile; we check the best practices of the industry and adjacent niches; we consider the dynamics of the traffic to the donor site; we check your current status to see what worked, what failed, and why. And the list goes on.

If you are looking to DIY your guest blogger outreach campaign, try these techniques and blueprint that work time after time for our market-savvy team.

Research Your Competitors’ Best Practices

Learning from your better-performing competitors is only wise. If you want to get where they are, doing what they do and then performing even better seems like a legit scenario.

Using SEO tools like AHREFS and SEMrush will help get a more detailed technical picture than just checking the top SERP results for top keywords.

It's an easy way to find some outdated backlinks for easy replacement requests, as well as sources with a proven history of cooperation with similar brands.

Create a Curated List of Bloggers

The choice of bloggers is a huge make-it-or-break-it factor for your outreach campaign. Look for voices of authority with highly engaged audiences and growing traffic stats.

Micro- and nano-influencers work amazing for local SEO, low-check products, viral content, as well as claustrophobically tight narrow specialty niches. Include them extensively in your blogger outreach service list if you fit any of those bills.

On the other end of the spectrum, the great thing about nurturing a relationship with a macro blogger is their high 50+ DR and plenty of content that can be enriched with expert opinion from your company.

Tailor Make a Personalized Pitch with a Bonus

When writing a blogger outreach email copy, keep these tips in mind for better conversion rates:

  • Treat the receiver's time with respect — get straight to the point and be frank about what you offer and how a journalist can benefit from your cooperation.
  • Make their input as effortless as possible: provide all the info, images, and data for decision-making. The less they have to work, the more chances they will do it.
  • State the value you bring onboard with this collaboration in the most scientific yet precise manner. Use any KPIs that speak to the value of them inserting your link: your high DR in an adjacent niche, fresh stats, the potential traffic that your content will bring to them, or even financial incentive.

Use Best Blogger Outreach Tools

Blogger outreach platforms like BuzzSumo, Tomoson, and PitchBox do get outrageously expensive for a small business. As a decade-wise SEO agency, we know firsthand just how valuable they can be for the best results.

If you are looking to ensure the real blogger outreach service all by yourself, try one of these marketing software solutions to find the voice of authority in your niche, get their contacts, create outreach campaigns, and monitor results: AHREF, BuzzStream, SEMrush, Hunter, Snov, BuzzSumo, Mailshake.

Only starting? Look for free trial offers for new subscribers — 2 weeks are a sufficient time to test the solution if you keep your focus. If DIY outreach doesn't yield results, our SEO specialists can always help get the best results.

Blogger Relations Insights

Leading blogger outreach tools include AHREFS, SEMrush, BuzSumo, and PitchBox. Due to the varying needs of each business in different countries, the financial limitations of smaller businesses, and the scale of outreach campaign requirements, we recommend trying a few of the top platforms to identify the best one for your specific case.
Search Engine Reputation Management [AKA SERM] is a set of best practices and activities performed by digital marketers, SEO experts, and PR specialists to ensure that SERP results have an overwhelmingly positive connotation for a business. SMM, SEM, SEO, and PR techniques are all used to ensure a positive online presence dominates the first page of Google search for a brand name,
SERM marketing techniques entail two major approaches: suppressing negative media and building a positive online presence for a company or an individual. Methods include practicing the right to be forgotten, flooding Google with positive content, and ensuring an extensive social media presence. As a result of such continuous SEO and PR activities, the first page of Google has a predominantly positive connotation on a specific brand or company.

Hire THE Blogger Outreach Company

Ready to seed your brand into the digital fertile soil painstakingly nurtured by figures of authority in your industry? Outreach.Guru SEO experts will reach out to select a few bloggers whose mentions will bring the most impact for the investment.
Outline your outreach campaign goals and budgets to our specialist.
Get a blogger outreach strategy with a list of target donors, estimate, and roadmap.
Review and vet the plan as in-depth or high-level as you deem necessary.
Get regular reports on the campaign outcome and budgets spent.
Expand your outreach ambition horizontally or vertically.

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Leading blogger outreach tools include AHREFS, SEMrush, BuzSumo, and PitchBox. Due to the varying needs of each business in different countries, the financial limitations of smaller businesses, and the scale of outreach campaign requirements, we recommend trying a few of the top platforms to identify the best one for your specific case.
Blogger outreach is one of the most white-hat SEO strategies for link building. It works for millions of users in 2023 and it should work for you too—with the right strategy and tools. While it takes a truly amazing piece of content or news to get free results, if you are ready to provide value for a publisher, the mission results will be overwhelmingly positive.
By leveraging the best blogger outreach services businesses achieve several major missions for successful digital business development: they strengthen the online presence of the brand, get a source of new users, build a positive image and amplify the domain authority of their website.